You are all that I see when my mind is straying
A flower in the darkness dancing and playing
My mind is whistfull so I don’t understand what you’re saying
But I dream of a day when my memory isn’t slain
I start to think about the truth
As I sit here and mix Vermouth
How close can I see the reality of what might be if I can’t see my memory
Down to the dungeons I must tred
Get my lazy self outta bed
Troll the streets under my mind
Then, only then I hope I can find
That which I lost so long ago
Is it a block or just something I don’t know
But sit back and think hard about the show
Deep in my mind, I must go
The craziness of my thoughts can scare
But then again I must always be aware
Of what my mind thinks I really must care
And from deep within comes this will
To fix what is broken so I can’t sit still
Cause from within my mind I think I can find the energy and time to complete this rhyme and make it mine
What to do next is the part that I must decide
And when I do I must abide
By the plan and make sure I understand where this is all going to land
They say to be free you can hold on to your memory
That’s all I wanna be

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