Dunno if I were high or what when I wrote this, but it was a long time ago. Makes a little sense, on a higher level of thinking. Still, I do find it hard to comprehend the frequency I was observing at this point. Without further ado,

“Next step in evolution: Think Trinary. Everything we know (or can know of) is binary (computers are a mere reflection of the way we think/are). We think of time as with a beginning and an end, that’s the only way we can comprehend it. What if the definitions we give Time are false? We cannot know the real definition of Time (or God?) because in our binary system it cannot exist, it is undefined….”

I think I may have been thinking along the lines that time is something that cannot be measured in it’s true sense. Everything we know has a beginning and an end, life, joy, a car, a revolution, a star. Our ways of thinking are always modeled after our environment, how else could it be? This is why we try to fit the universe into our definition of ‘being’ as having a start and an end. Or time. Why does it have to? Cannot something simply exist, and have always existed? To our knowledge the Universe is “so big” that it doesn’t have an end or a beginning. It’s just there. Does it not stand to reason that Time and the simple existence of the universe are similar? Of course logically that is not ‘necessarily’ so, I’m just providing a contra argument to the fact that a lot of people talk about the start of time, or the end of the Universe.

Just in the same way that most people cannot think in 3 Dimensions (not truly) without either a rare gift or strenuous training, because we live on the ground, how can we hope to comprehend something like the universe and time without either of the above. Vlad, I know you’ve gone down this path, somewhat – I really enjoy our talks about the nature of time, space, and light. I remember one time where we were discussing weather or not light experienced time, and I think that we decided that it does not. Something to do with relativity and traveling at the speed of light. I also remember that it had something to do with light already ‘knowing’ the path it is to take when it begins it’s non-journey. A half silvered mirror experiment taught me this one years ago.

Reading this writing of mine has made me realize that, while not all that I’ve pondered and thought about may necessarily be the truth, I truly do enjoy the mere action of discussing it, and pondering the possibilities of the universe. Then trying to fit those ideas in with scientifically accepted ideas. It is a lot of fun.

I’ll leave that at that.

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