A friend of mine recently asked me what an IshGirl is. I figured that if this was getting around that quickley (I just started developing this idea with a friend of mine) I had better get it together. What a better place than Livejournal to stream all of my thoughts. Then I transfer them to the Wiki.

An IshGirl is….

A girl (potentially) from Winnipeg that defines her own style. She doesn’t conform to much music or any tv or large fashion calling. It’s created from le Chateau or Value Villiage or wherever. The whole point is that she has worked on and created her own, unique, style. And she flaunts it around Winnipeg shamelessley. This is the website we are starting this winter, to promote all the beautiful street fashion that Winnipeg has to offer. And what a better way to launch it but by throwing a launch party in spring! We will be working with Symptom Tech and or Winnipeg Jungle (or others..we’re still interviewing) to try and get things going, so we’re looking for all sorts of people, Girls for the site, as well as people who have ideas or want to help out. We’re not sure yet where the site will go, but we know people are exited about it so the sky’s the limit. We are partnering with some gallerys to see if we can throw some photo gallerys up in the Exchange and perhaps sell prints to people and give commissions to the photographers and girls. The site will be mostly no-nude as it’s fashion oriented. Anyone will be able to upload their own pics in an attempt to become an IshGirl, however before they are public they will be screened by IshGirl staff. New Girls who wish to become an IshGirl will be able to submit sets and make appointments with our photographers upon approval. Then their set goes up and they become an official IshGirl, allowing them to attend Ish Events and book shoots with other IshGirls. At IshGirls we realize that no girl wishes to sign all her rights away (like with that suicide site…) so we have very lax contracts, basically stating that we get rights to the pictures, and as long as you are an IshGirl, you will get commissions when we make money off of them. You can still work for anyone else you wish to, however if they require exclusive rights then you would probably have to terminate your IshNess….

Back to the launch party. I will have several IshGirls (who I will recruit throughout the winter) act as ‘walkers’. They will be indoctrinated in what Ish really is. They will walk through the party looking for that next IshGirl. The party will be advertised as the IshGirl Launch party, and Girls who read what Ish is, and dress appropriatly will have some sort of incentive to come. I’d like to have a room separate from the party where we have a white backdrop and umbrella flash / softbox setup. The IshWalkers will be sending girls to that room who look the part, and wish to become an IshGirl. We will have an artistic director (Bonnie probably…she knows everything 🙂 and probably 2 photographers and someone to photocopy ID’s and get model releases signed.

Post party we are setting up with one of the Galleries in the Exchange to have an open house. We can have the pics up for about a month, and within that time we can have a few functions. I’m probably going to pick one Saturday, have a DJ spin, and offer some sort of refreshments from like 6pm – 11pm (yeah before Temple…know your crowd heh) and have the best pics of the IshGirls featured. We will probably sell unframed prints for something like $10, and ones with frames for $30 – $100 depending on the size. Off of that, once cost is covered, we will pay out commissions to the girls and the photographers. We probably need to advertise on Facebook as well as at the party and in the newspaper, as this is where we’re going to make money so we want more than just the party people to show up so we can sell pics. I’d imagine all the IshGirls will get their family and friends to come down so once we have an idea of how many people we will know how to book the gallery. We will have to see what kind of money we make off of the party, but if it’s good then we can time things such that we use the money from that to advertise the gallery.

Moo…ok now I’m outta steam so I’ll leave it there.

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