Jerry Whalley Sun, Nov 15, 2009 at 10:28 PM

be in want of nothing and need very little; you’ll then be free from the manipulation I, me, mine game, the one that drives you insane ’cause you’re committed to commercialism, down for the next pick-up line, feeding the hungry ghouls who mark the time, the fools who take your pay so you can stay that way … the circles of crime come from those feeling the urge to splurge one more time just to feel alive; it’s jive, man, and you’re on the bottom feeding the top and the top don’t care about your religion, but they’ll tell you the lie you want to hear, the ones you hold so Dear; you don’t see what you’re looking at, you see the mirrors glittering what you desire!

the Grinch,


Cian Whalley Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 10:14 AM

the key to be free of the powerful forces that shape our world, our minds, is to focus on your will, to strengthen, and build your power until, you KNOW…. only then can you to shape and bend the world around and start to feed on others who are astound, to fuel your own by painting the picture that they so wish to see, all hoping to be free but always falling to their knees because of the freeze that hinders their thought….It’s the life they have bought with their sweat and blood all fueling that desire, the shiny toy guns and things that are fun, feeding their demon who constantly pull and play, pushing them to get up another day.

more power….

— CiaN

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