“Everything is perfect”, she said to me. “There’s no need to worry, all will be just as it needs to be.”

I sat in meditation allowing the words to wash over me. Then I heard a question arise in the room.

“But if everything is perfect, why is there war? Why are children starving in Africa? How can you sit there and say everything is perfect when you know how horrible the world is, and it’s getting worse!”

And so goes the battle between two truths. Two truths that are both true at the same time, but also completely contradictory when one tries to rationalize from a single perspective.

The Relative

There are relative truths and ultimate truths, and often they can be in contradiction, and both true, at the same time. Much like the superposition of a quantum state. In a quantum computer you don’t just have 1 and 0, you also have (1,0) where the state Is actually, probably both at the same time. The state only becomes one once an observer comes into the equation and looks at it, then the super position collapses. Relative and ultimate truths are like this, except the position they collapse into depends on the perspective of the observer.

Relative truths are taken from 3D Land, this experience. Relative truths are seen from the perspective of the human, seen as form, material. Seen through our own layers of sensations, perceptions, cognition, and consciousness. This is the perspective that the person in the story was judging from. The perspective that sees and feels for humanity as an extension of self, empathizes with the suffering of the world. I.e. killing people is a bad thing, war and famine are bad, human suffering is bad, there is so much wrong with this world, so much to improve.

Do not misunderstand, this perspective is NOT WRONG. In fact, it is a very advanced view; when you can see all of humanity as yourself and that sparks the desire inside of you to take action, this is currently close to the pinnacle of human development. This realm needs people who use this perspective, and take action to make things better, for all of us. It in fact helps push the evolution of human consciousness further.

And that’s where we start to step into the Ultimate perspective.

The Ultimate

Ultimate truth looks at this reality through the eyes of the creator, of consciousness, of existence itself. From 5D, beyond time and space, where things work a bit differently. No longer are you looking at the individual, you look at the evolution of the whole. Not just humanity, but existence, all beings, as a whole. What lesson is the universe learning right now? How is consciousness as a whole evolving? War and famine increase the rate of evolution, and provide opportunity for innovation and individuals to find their purpose either promoting war, fighting famine, or learning what hunger is.

Our beings are essentially a collection of habits that evolve over time. As an individual, in this lifetime, we learn habits that help us evolve and get better at doing things in the relative world. As we refine these habits, through repetition, we create ‘deeper’ grooves in our consciousness. Second order habits are created; you can look at this as the habits of your spirit, or 4D self. In sanskrit these are called samskara. As the collection of spirits evolve over millions of years, new third order habits emerge. Habits of habits of habits. I look at these as the “Laws of the Universe”, which govern everything from how time flows, energy moves, and matter is perceived. In many models of the past these third order habits would have been represented by gods or deitites like Mara, Chronos, Vishnu, Shiva, etc.

Ultimate Perspective on Humanity

Looking at the habits of humanity as a whole, you can imagine they are slow to change and highly refined over time. They are also extremely “Democratic”, in that they don’t get fully adopted until they are actually working at a great level in the majority of beings, much in the same way biological evolution works.

Let’s imagine ourselves as the creator, looking down on the entire Earth, full of humanity and other beings. You can kinda get there if you ever recall looking down on an ant hill. Now, with this ant hill, imagine that another colony of ants came in and started attacking it. Would that move you into action? Inspire compassion for the invaded and hatred towards the invaders? Unlikely.

Similarly, with war, famine, and all these other problems that we experience as a whole, from the Ultimate perspective these are not ‘bad’. In fact, they are perfect. Perfect because they help push the evolution of humanity, consciousness to a new level. All of these ‘bad’ things create opportunity for certain beings to step up with purpose. Create an ‘enemy’ that they can fight. And in doing so, spur new features like ‘compassion in action’. Over time, thousands of years, and with much testing, these features get adopted into the deeper consciousnesses of the Universe.

Everything is perfect

Thus, when masters say everything is perfect, that’s an ultimate truth. Some people try to judge that from a relative perspective and get into arguments over it, pointing to child rape and such. Missing the point. The problem is in perspective, and thinking that perfection is a state where there is no ‘bad’. Try to imagine a world where there is no evil? How could we even know what good was? Could there even be free will? Or would everything move according to some pre-determined idea of ‘not-bad’?

This relative idea of perfection, where there are no errors, no problems, no bad would create a huge problem. Evolution would stop, because within that context of perfection, there is no need to evolve. Because to evolve is to get better, and if you are perfect, there is no ‘better’. I think that would ultimately (pun intended) collapse everything back into a singularity of one, the only thing that could be prefect from that definition. The diversity and wonder of the known universe would cease to exist, and only a single point of perfection could exist.

Ultimately, everything is perfect because there is the opportunity to improve. Because all the pain and suffering provides the opportunity for beings to have purpose, maybe even become a Buddha. Because over time, the universe and consciousness will evolve and learn. THAT is perfection. Continual improvement, and knowing that evolution on all layers will never cease, never stop.

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