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Solaris vs The World 

So everyone seems to be jumping on this whole Open Source bandwagon, or at least trying to take advantage of it. OS X did what few do and completely revamped their entire OS, deciding to go with BSD (my favorite) as the underlying infrastructure. Vista,...

Snow Day, Grass Day 

It's the 4th of May and it is one of those days. The sun was shining yesterday and I was out in the yard doing work. I have a mud pit for a front yard because last year I started to dig up all the...
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IshGirls.Com is Alive! 

Ok so here's my first blog post in years.  I used to use Livejournal, but the whole community aspect / payment aspect of it just didn't rub me the right way.  I'm using WordPress, which appears to be the g33k standard in weblogging.  This is...

What is an IshGirl? 

A friend of mine recently asked me what an IshGirl is. I figured that if this was getting around that quickley (I just started developing this idea with a friend of mine) I had better get it together. What a better place than Livejournal to...


Corydon Ave, above Sushu Ya. Picture 12 police cars and vans parked next to all the parked cars in front. The line of cars.... 3 Cops stand at the entrance to the Barca club blocking the entrance, all the lights are on upstairs. Through the...

Winter Ruck Run A Winter run in Winnipeg, Manitoba in December, scored by Doll Factory - We are Hollow Men. My first attempt at some sort of music video.