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I don't have a lotta time to go into details here, but this is probably the most amazing idea I've heard in a long time. From NewScientist, they are trying to send information (via quantum entaglement) into the past using the experiment setup below. The...

Walk around using touch? 

Something I've noticed recently is that I can walk around familiar places quite quickly (compared to other people) weather it's dark or not. During my observations I've noted that this is because I walk around the same way weather it's light or dark - namely...
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Rob’s new roomates 

So my buddy Rob just got some new roommates. They are two rather entertaining lesbians (pretty cute too). The interesting part of this story (no it's really not what you think it is) is that the one, Myako (or something to that effect) was in...

I’m a paratrooper! 

Hehe, well not really. Just did my first jump today though! My and my buddy Rob B. went out to Steinbach (yeah we made the Trip...) yesterday to do it, went through all the training, then found out that we have like 50mph winds that...