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Corydon Ave, above Sushu Ya. Picture 12 police cars and vans parked next to all the parked cars in front. The line of cars.... 3 Cops stand at the entrance to the Barca club blocking the entrance, all the lights are on upstairs. Through the...

Winter Ruck Run A Winter run in Winnipeg, Manitoba in December, scored by Doll Factory - We are Hollow Men. My first attempt at some sort of music video.

Dynamical Systems Here's my first take on video blogging. I've now experienced it in a live environment and know what I have to do to make it better! Comments welcome...


I don't have a lotta time to go into details here, but this is probably the most amazing idea I've heard in a long time. From NewScientist, they are trying to send information (via quantum entaglement) into the past using the experiment setup below. The...
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