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I’m a paratrooper! 

Hehe, well not really. Just did my first jump today though! My and my buddy Rob B. went out to Steinbach (yeah we made the Trip...) yesterday to do it, went through all the training, then found out that we have like 50mph winds that...

My Trip to the Lake 

Last week I was actually on vacation. My biz partner Randy bought a cabin at Albert Beach, but had already rented out another cabin at victoria beach. Thus he needed someone to rent his cabin while he was at the other. I asked, and he...
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This new logic I'm working on is pretty cool, now that I think about it. I was really forced to think more critically about it, in a general sense, when I tried to explain it to a friend of mine today. I'm so used to...

So I’m lucky…. 

Wednesday night my brother and I went out biking from 11 - 4am. We first checked out the new skate park that is at the forks - it's actually pretty awsome. We spent most of the night there actually - usually when we go out,...

Full circle 

Today we went to Bonnie's childhood friend's mom's funeral. Was ok as far as they go - funny because when we got there there was no parking. So I just did what I always do and made a parking spot somewhere convenient for me. Then...
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About you 

You are all that I see when my mind is straying A flower in the darkness dancing and playing My mind is whistfull so I don't understand what you're saying But I dream of a day when my memory isn't slain I start to think...
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