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Conficker Update 

Yes!  We are prepared. That’s what we are now able to say when people ask us.  Basically we are processing DNS logs, scraping for any of the 90,000 Conficker A+B domain names.  As of tomorrow that won’t necessarily work, as it will be generating 50,000…


Service Oriented Analysis and Design 

So today I’ve been reading about Service Oriented Architecture and Design concepts. It seems to be an interesting development in the arena of Systems Analsysis and Design. From what I’ve read so far, it takes elements from Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Modeling, and Object Oriented…


Solaris vs The World 

So everyone seems to be jumping on this whole Open Source bandwagon, or at least trying to take advantage of it. OS X did what few do and completely revamped their entire OS, deciding to go with BSD (my favorite) as the underlying infrastructure. Vista,…